2 hours til drop!

We’re excited to debut a set of three 1/1 pieces today from some really exciting artists. Let’s take a look at the pieces, shall we?

First up we have Manards, releasing a 1/1 piece called ‘Meditations 2020’ styled after the 1937 piece ‘Meditations’ by the famous Rene Magritte. He has hosted successful drops on Nifty, SuperRare, and MakersPlace and is a highly sought after artist.

Full motion file can be seen when it drops at 3 EST on Blockparty.co

Next up we have two pieces by Studio Nouveau, a partnership between Ture and Kaja Olson, who have been featured in SuperRare editorials, curate their own exhibit in Decentraland, and have the honor of their work being collected by top tier collectors like Pablo Fraile.

They produce audio-visual ensembles where the visuals align with the music. Here’s a sample of what they will be releasing with Blockparty today.

Don’t miss this amazing drop of select 1/1 works! Shop at 3 EST on Blockparty.co