30 Minutes Until Drop!

The drop of Dave Krugman and Hipworth art occurs in 30 minutes! Let’s take a deeper look at the drop and why it’s so significant

Dave Krugman is an elite photographer who has worked with brands like Jaguar, Prada, Honda, and Absolut. His social media following is over 300,000. And these are his genesis NFTs, his first ever.

This may be the most significant photography NFT drop to occur yet. The work being showcased is a set of his favorite photographs of New York City. Here’s a sample.

As a bonus, if you purchase you receive a bonus piece that will not be otherwise released publicly. You also receive an ultra high-resolution file of the photograph you purchase, which can be used to produce prints you can hang on your wall.

The best part? The work is priced as low as $250 for these incredible pieces.

Now let’s take a look at Hipworth. Hipworth is a rising star in the NFT scene who has sold many pieces for thousands of dollars. He runs an art print business and is launching his own NFT venture.

The work he is releasing is truly incredible. Audio-visual pieces with many subjects and unique framing and themes represented. Here’s a sample. This piece has amazing motion and audio in the full version that describes a psychedelic experience.

Make sure you don’t miss this incredible drop. Every drop thus far has sold out. We expect this to be no different. And thank you for being a supporter of Blockparty!