Adventure Club Tomorrow

An important moment

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you one of the most important audio-visual NFT releases in history, by none other than Grammy-nominated music duo Adventure Club.

This release is important for a variety of reasons. First, the sheer popularity of the group. Adventure Club has single songs over 100M plays. Their ‘Crave You’ remix is one of the most iconic and recognizable EDM songs released in the last 20 years. They are next in a line of amazing DJs making NFT art.

Second, the pieces themselves are very unique. The 1/1 piece in the set is the FIRST song Adventure Club ever made together. Never before heard by the public. Consider that. The chance to own the first song ever made by a famous music group. It’s a thrilling prospect.

For more on the pieces check out their recent tweet.

To summarize, the legendary duo will release three pieces. A 1/1, a 1/3, and a 1/10. The pieces will go live in batches, beginning at noon EST next Friday.

  • Five of the ten edition set drop at noon

  • The next five drop at 1 pm

  • The set of three drops at 2pm

  • The flagship 1/1 drops at 3 pm.

Having been featured on MTV, in commercials by Coca-Cola, and as headliners of major festivals, Adventure Club is one of the biggest things to happen in the music NFT space.

With the success of audio-visual NFTs both in terms of innovation and secondary market price, that makes this drop one you can’t afford to miss.

Friday, starting at noon EST. Only on Blockparty.