Blockparty Community Update!

Exciting times ahead

Hello and best wishes to the Blockparty community! Hope you’re all doing well. We wanted to provide a quick update to frame where things are heading from here.

First of all, we’re so excited about how the first set of drops and storefronts have gone. Highlights include multiple sold out drops, press features from major publications (including a billboard in Times Square) and organic sales taking place on artist storefronts.

Artists like Ryan Hawthorne conducted their own storefront drop and had amazing sales results, which is very exciting to see! To read about Ryan’s experience with Blockparty in his own words, check his tweet below.

As we see such exciting promise with artist storefronts, we look to what’s next, with the confidence both we as a team and the community have gained in our NFT tools so early on. So what is next? Let’s talk about a few things.

First and most important, our next set of feature rollouts is VERY exciting. What features are coming in the next rollout you ask?

  • Edition rollups. Multi edition pieces can now be displayed as a single piece, rather than separately on screen, greatly improving discoverability and user experience

  • Batch minting. This means minting can now be done in larger batches, improving cost and efficiency!

  • FLEXIBLE MINTNG. Yes you read that right. Flexible minting is finally (almost) here! Flexible minting is the Blockparty native minting system that makes minting free for users, and internal transfer of assets free also, while still maintaining compatibility with public blockchains like Ethereum.

  • Speaking of Ethereum, we have something else very special upcoming. We are excited to announce that we are the first NFT primary marketplace that will be employing L2 scaling via our partners Immutable X. This is a major announcement with huge positive implications for artists and collectors alike. This will take a bit more time than the previously mentioned features, but it’s worth noting.

That’s not all! We also want to begin rapidly expanding our community. There are a few elements to this. First, if you applied for a storefront, your application will be reviewed soon. We haven’t forgotten about you! A new batch of storefront acceptances will go out this coming week, and the pace of storefront growth will increase every week henceforth.

Second, we want to connect on a deeper level with you all. Part of that initiative is starting a few regularly occurring calls when you can connect with the Blockparty team. First up we have a Blockparty Happy Hour! Who doesn’t love those? We’d love your feedback on the format for this, so if you’d click the button below and provide some feedback on format that would be greatly appreciated.

Community Happy Hour

We’re also going to begin an ‘Office Hours’ session. This session will be for those who are actively using the Blockparty platform, especially storefront artists, to come and give constructive feedback about what works, what doesn’t, and what they’d like to see from us. If you are a Blockparty storefront artist, or have indication that you will be one, please fill out the form below!

Blockparty Office Hours

So that was quite the update, lot we needed to cover! We’re quite happy with the pace of our start, the positive response from the community and press, and the early results we have seen with drops and storefronts. This is, in every conceivable way, just the beginning.

Thank you all for your support. We look forward to growing together with you.

- The Blockparty Team