Blockparty Monthly Review - June 2020

It's time for the Blockparty Monthly Review #June 2020.

1. Overview

2020 is officially past the halfway point. There’s hopeful optimism in the world that the second half of this year could be an improvement from the first Despite the COVID-19 case numbers creeping up, vaccine release dates are on the horizon. In stocks and cryptocurrencies, Robinhood traders are pushing companies like Tesla into the stratosphere. Altcoins like Chainlink, Binance, Dogecoin and Compound have been flying. And at Blockparty, we’re pumped about the forthcoming launch of our brand new NFT marketplace.

Release of the Blockparty marketplace is nearing the finish line. What was once abstract is now lines and lines of code and pages and pages of UX. We’re onboarding NFT’s and creators, and preparing to embark on external marketing. Internal product demonstrations have us excited, as we can see the results of our hard work. There’s proof that what we have imagined for this year and years beyond is not only possible but within reach.

What you’ll soon see is our outbound outreach and dialogue with creators, the crypto community and the broader art and collectibles market. We’re gearing up to launch and it’ll soon be time to start talking with people about what’s in store.

More of you in the community are asking about the marketplace, and how you can get involved. To that end, we will have a 360 AMA this coming Friday with the community in our Telegram channel. What’s a 360 AMA? The idea is the community can ask the team anything (within guidelines). In turn, the team can ask you questions on topics that we would love your input on. Such as, the things you’d like to see in the marketplace, from token utility to types of collectibles, launch schedules, special drops, your NFT wish lists, and more.

TL:DR! We have a 360 AMA scheduled for Friday July 17th at 1:00pm EST in the Blockparty Community Telegram channel. We’d love you to be there. Link:

2. Roadmap

In February, we released our Blockparty 2020 post. It included several key roadmap dates for 1H 2020. In our April Monthly Review, we added a line item to the roadmap. Here is an update of how we’re progressing on each roadmap date:

  • Q2 2020 → Update on token utility and blockchain development — Provided initial update on utility in April. Final update out in AUGUST

We previously shared that we expect that the BOXX token would have utility for the Blockparty marketplace at launch with specific utility, and expand BOXX usage as we hit further milestones with the marketplace post launch. We are currently in planning stages for what expansion of the utility would look like. The effort is being led by CTO Joseph Fiscella, including additional resources from the crypto community that Joey has contracted in the past month to help plan and build.

Some of the things we’ve been thinking about working through are tokens as rewards, tokens as payment, tokens for staking and tokens for prediction. We believe that, with the rapid growth of DeFi infrastructure, there are many new tools and platforms that we can integrate with or be part of. Our goal is to ensure we create the infrastructure that doesn’t limit the potential for the token to play a broader role in the crypto community.

  • June 2020→ Launch of Blockparty Marketplace — NOW AUGUST

In February, we had expected this to be completed by June, and later found that there is enough front-end development work outstanding that we would likely need until the end of July. Our team has a very specific vision about the goals that the UI/UX experience needs to achieve and we need to get the foundation right early to build on for the future. We require an additional two-week product sprint to get there and be completely ready.

As a result, we are retargeting launch for the week of August 17

  • June 2020 → Blockparty NFT’s — NOW JULY

We continue to build out a brand new never-seen-before NFT product. We’re really excited about this. Numerous clients and blockchain veterans have shown interest in what we’re doing here. We intend to provide a formal product overview of this product in tandem with the launch of Marketplace.

We wouldn’t say this lightly but we believe it’s revolutionary and it’s going to attract users and volume.

3. Product Update

Blockparty Marketplace

In the first week of June, Blockparty hit and end point in digital asset marketplace development:

  • NFT support

  • NFT backend

  • NFT payment confirmation

  • NFT transfer

  • NFT withdrawal

  • NFT user wallet integration

  • On-chain integration

We’re focused on finishing coding for the front-end storefront and finalizing the token integration with payment systems.


Thank you for your inputs and comments in the DM’s and in the Blockparty Community Telegram channel. We appreciate it. We continue to work on this and will demonstrate at the time of the launch of the Blockparty Marketplace in August. We will provide a formal announcement near then. We are unlikely to be able to provide a firm roadmap during the AMA, but we expect to be able to have discuss your ideas and what we’re seeing as opportunities across the space.

4. Sales

As indicated in earlier months, many of our discussions are with brands that are predominantly live events oriented. We expect to have digital assets related to sports and music on our marketplace at launch, but in greater volume in early fall which is also when we expect our entertainment clients to have some clarity on their futures relative to COVD-19, based on what they’ve shared with us to date. Our sales team is already closing deals to have brands in our 3 verticals Music — Sports — Art ready to go at launch.

5. Team hires and moves

We have completed a number of major hires over the past month and we’ll start dripping these announcements out over the next few weeks leading up to the marketplace launch. We continue to build on a new team of strategic advisors and partners. We’re excited about what our advisors bring to to the table and will share their names along with a formal update pre-launch.


That’s it for now. Short and sweet — but we hope to expand and share more with everyone during our 360 AMA on Friday July 17 at 1:00pm. We hope all can meet us there in our Telegram community channel:

With love,

Team Blockparty


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