Hello Blockparty Community!

This is the week of the long-awaited Blockparty marketplace launch! As you likely already know, we are launching a new platform to bring you and the world the most sought after digital art, collectibles, and other NFTs.

This platform will initially allow for the primary sale and purchase of digital art and collectibles, offered in highly selective ‘Blockparty drops’. The first drop will occur at launch, with an amazing basket of NFT based digital art from mainstream artists, who are making NFT art for the first time ever.

In addition to launching a revolutionary NFT market, we are launching an updated protocol under the name “NFT Protocol”. As part of this relaunch, the BOXX token has required a significant security and utility upgrade, and thus has been replaced and rebranded as “NFT”.

If you were a BOXX token holder as of Monday, August 17th 2020 at 19:00 UTC, the replacement “NFT” token has already been delivered to your wallet.

The NFT token will continue to offer the core utility that was offered by BOXX, including discounted payments and rewards on Blockparty platforms, and potentially on third-party platforms. Additionally, it is intended to act as a powerful utility at a protocol level, supporting governance. Further, it may also offer DeFi functionality through the provisioning of liquidity to improve the efficiency of the broader NFT market. Further information will be provided in the coming weeks.

As such, we will discontinue the utility of, and no longer support our use of the BOXX token. Let us be very clear about this, the token known as BOXX will no longer be supported by or used by Blockparty in any way. Only the upgraded token, which to repeat you already have if you maintain a wallet with BOXX as of the above time, will have utility on the Blockparty platform or on the protocol level.

Please return your outdated BOXX tokens to be following address:


This will function as a null address and all BOXX sent to this address will be burned.

For any customer service questions, please reach us at tokensupport@blockparty.org.

We are excited to usher in the future of digital art, digital collectibles and NFTs. By simultaneously bridging the gap between known legacy art and the digital space, and innovating on NFT market function and design, Blockparty intends to mark itself as the premier digital collectible market.

This is the week that begins. Stay tuned.