Monster Week at Blockparty!

The last week has been incredible for Blockparty and for NFT protocol. Let’s recap some of what happened. 

  1. NFT protocol launched $NFT token governance! Token holders can now vote on issue related to the development of the protocol. Next up is token staking, which is set to launch in the next handful of days. To learn more about NFT protocol or access tokens, visit 

  2. Partnership with CADAF was announced! CADAF is a dominant force in the world of digital art, exhibiting galleries at Art Basel, various New York museums, and internationally as well. We are working with CADAF to support #DigitalArtMonth which will showcase digital works & physical prints from various recognized digital artists, with augmented reality installations supporting the art placed around New York.

  3. Partnership with Dapper Labs via Flow Blockchain! Blockparty is now partnered with one of the leading brands in the industry. Dapper Labs, creator of crypto kitties and NBA Top Shot, is launching its own blockchain to innovate on NFT economics and delivery. We are excited to be operating a node on the Flow network and working with such a highly respected player in the NFT space. Check out the list of other partners we joined!

  1. Partnership with Elements music festival! Elements is a music festival that draws in thousands annually. Elements is working with Blockparty to create functional NFTs, collectibles that will offer unique benefits in the real world at their shows. This is an exciting step forward in the utility of NFT technology.

  2. Partnership with Kira Network! Kira network is building liquid staking in DeFi and our partnership with them will move us closer to bridging the gap between NFT and DeFi markets. An incredibly exciting proposition to be sure!

We have so much more coming up that we wish we could tell you about. A few more partners, some very exciting artists, and drops. But for that, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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