Scott Melker Drop Tomorrow!

Understanding the significance

Tomorrow at 3pm EST we will release art from the Scott Melker x Moxarra project! The project includes 8 pieces of art with three editions each, based on Scott’s hugely successful ‘Ballin Oates’ mixtape, with art from Moxarra Gonzales, a leading digital artist.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect.

The significance of the Melker set can’t be overstated. The album, a mashup of Hall & Oates and various rap artists, went fully viral and was covered widely in the press. Billboard, LA Times, and The Inquirer all wrote glowing reviews of the mix, and Philly Mag questioned ‘Is this the greatest mixtape of all time?’. The piece in question is titled ‘Claneater’ and features legendary rap group Wu-Tang as the primary mixed music.

Moxarra Gonzales is also no slouch. Moxarra is considered one of the top Latin digital artists making NFTs right now. His work on this project is nothing short of incredible, bringing legendary rap lyrics to life in a visually stunning fashion.

This project will be significant in that it’s the first lyric video NFT, to our knowledge. And as an added bonus, if you collect one of all 8 parts you will receive the full track as unlockable content.

Set your calendars for tomorrow and be sure you’re fully registered to secure a piece from this incredible drop!