Blockparty 2.0 is a system that is designed to give digital creators the power. To give artists the keys to their own storefront. To give collectors the ultimate selection of NFTs.

  • It is a platform that is most flexible for creators, because creators are dynamic each type of creator in a medium has a unique point of view

  • It is a blockchain agnostic system that utilizes a “hub and spoke” model, where our internal blockchain will “talk” to others. First Ethereum, soon Flow, later others. 

  • It is a system that allows collectors to use credit card OR crypto. And doesn’t require new users to set up Metamask if they don’t want to. This makes it maximally easy to onboard new users to #NFTs.

  • It is a system with climate impact in mind, one that utilizes ‘flexible minting’ to reduce environmental impact, but still offers the rigorous sovereignty and provenance the blockchain provides. 

  • It is a system that facilitates zero cost internal system transactions and easy withdrawal to third party wallets.

  • It is a system that offers both direct purchase and now auction functionality.

Apply as a creator or join as a collector at BLOCKPARTY.